How Do We Make The Transition To The Emerging World?

Emerging World

Should we be concerned about making the transition to the emerging world? There are numerous ways in which we could wipe ourselves out.

What if we pretend everything is working out perfectly? What sort of phenomenological impression does that leave? How do we recognize perfection while making room for ever larger, broader, and deeper forms of perfection if we find ourselves slipping into complacency? 

There are certain people who are able to go beyond the social structures of our time, giving birth to completely new kinds of consciousness while also paving the way for others to be able to do the same. It was done by the people who established the major religions, and it was done by the revolutionaries who established the social constructs that we now sit upon. 

A New Kind of Humanity

In my Universifying Meta-Theory Thesis, I reveal some of the people who are on the cutting edge of our emerging period, carving the path ahead and opening up new opportunities for humanity. These people are paving the way for our species to move into uncharted territory. 

The objective of this thesis, on the other hand, goes beyond the simple presentation of their individual works to explore the prospect of collective unity as a means of bringing into existence not only a new age or world but also the possibility of a new kind of humanity. 

These people I mention are leaders who inspire me to have hope for the future of humanity. For the purpose of jointly expanding the boundaries of what is possible for humans over the course of the next few decades, my attention has been focused on people who are still physically present in their bodies.

We are the seeds of the future, the cells in the cocoon that is falling apart around modern humanity, and we are the ones who are supporting our conscious evolution (Brennan, 1998) and our metamorphosis into a beautiful “emerging world.”

We are a part of the universe’s process of becoming aware of itself as it evolves. 

People in the road

How can each of us play our part in the process of consciously unfolding ourselves so that the evolution of our cosmos can continue? 

We have reached a point in time where we are at a fork in the road. We have three options: we can eat ourselves to extinction, we can ruin what we have built, or we can discover a way to emerge afresh — the next step on our evolutionary journey — by working through our hunger and transcending what we have constructed. 

We have the ability to increase the amount of beauty, truth, and goodness in the world. We are the guardians of a new age, a turning moment in history, and an evolutionary step in which we, the universe’s manifestation, take control of the future and steer ourselves to our evolutionary potential. 

The Metaphor of an “Emerging World”

The destiny of the world is quite literally in our hands. As we emerge from our cocoons and assume the one-of-a-kind, breathtaking form that mother nature has bestowed upon us, the question arises: 

  • How will we put the form, color, and energy of our wings to work to achieve our goals?
  • With whom do we want to associate ourselves? 
  • How will we be of assistance to the larvae and the chrysalises as they progress through their evolutionary process? 

If we flapped our wings, we could make the world a better place. This metaphor of an “emerging world” is not intended to be a utopian vision; rather, it is merely the next iteration in the evolution of the human race, which will, ideally, move past the existential threat we are creating ourselves and continue to evolve. 

This new world is also an illusion; it is a building of my conscious awareness and the conscious awareness of anyone else who harbors the same delusion. This construction of our conscious awarenesses will never entirely embrace the reality of what is. 

The territory cannot be represented by the map. (Korzybski, 1958) However, it has the potential to be a useful creation by pointing us in a shared direction toward which we might develop and manifest consciousness as we move forward. 

Our newly forming world can be seen not only as a location in time and space but also as a mode of doing actions while being or performing actions while performing acts in the here and now.

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